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Second 'Social Network' teaser trailer sneaks onto the web

The second teaser trailer for the upcoming film about the founders of Facebook has dropped onto the Internet. Much like the first teaser, it gives us some dramatic dialogue but very little else.

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mediafrenzii4423d ago

Maybe the approach is to get everyone to start talking about the film even more by releasing these types of trailers. Then they will WOW us all. Then again maybe not.

darklordzor4423d ago

True...I might just be too harsh agains this film, but I'm not digging the marketing either.

CMDobson4423d ago

It may end up being good (in its own way), but I'm just not too enthusiastic about this one.

Smokeyy904423d ago

How much of a movie can you make based on the creation of a social networking site? Still kind of want to see it when it releases.

darklordzor4423d ago

Well it's based off of the book "The Accidental Billionaires" which was based on the founders. It's essentially a Pirates of Silicon Valley story.

Cambonez4423d ago

Mark Zuckerberg's character sounds like such an arrogant dick that it's hard to be excited to watch this, because there's no downfall! He may lose friends and get accused of things, but in the end, he's still on top of the world despite a few hiccups.

josephgomez4423d ago

This marketing campaign is just starting to piss me off.

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