Denzel Washington in Talks to Star in Universal’s Safe House


How do you hang on to a superstar client whose longtime talent agent has just passed away? You put him to work for a lot of money on a hot project, and you do it fast. That's what William Morris Endeavor appears to be doing: Denzel Washington's agent of the last twenty years, Ed Limato, passed away over the weekend after a long battle with lung disease, but insiders say that WME agency co-CEOs Ari Emmanuel and partner Patrick Whitesell had been working hard to cement the Washington relationship in the months before, in part by promising to deliver hot, original material and big paydays. Now it appears they're poised to deliver both: Vulture hears that Washington, who historically has commanded around $20 million for big studio movies, is in negotiations to star in Universal Pictures's Safe House, an original spy thriller written by David Guggenheim that sparked a bidding war this past winter.

Smokeyy904830d ago

Seems like a interesting premise for a film. Denzel would be able to pull it off easily.

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