Arrow in the Head Review - The Twilight Saga: Eclipse


ECLIPSE was marmalade trash that was incapable or unwilling to capitalize on its potential – best way I can put it. I didn’t loathe ECLIPSE cause I don’t have a romantic bone in my body (I do) or cause I’m not the target audience; I reviled it cause it was a lazily written, uninspired and flimsy movie about vacuous air. Googly eyes, pussy whipped dudes and a chick that tries to get her cock and eat it too with SOME vampire/werewolf spices sprinkled about...and I stress the word “SOME”. That's it? That's a movie? Other than unintentional laughs, strong leads who did what they could with the GARBAGE they were given and the peeps playing the Cullens shining. this sucka was utterly POINTLESS. Maybe if they bring back Catherine Hardwicke (she did the best one) the franchise may have a shot but alas, I doubt that will happen. Two more years, two more "stretch out fluff as much as we can and call it a story" Twilight films to go. Happy this one is out of the way.

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