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The Gangster Awesomeness Of "Carlito’s Way" In 5 Scenes

Premiere: Director Brian De Palma’s 1993 underworld cautionary tale Carlito’s Way is a taut, and disciplined minor classic. It is also the closet the fans of Scarface will ever get to a sequel. Scarface is possibly the most venerated bad movie in history: a campy, ultraviolent, Latino minstrel show that reveals the American Dream is a pig’s trough full of drugs, money, and blood.

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8 Shonen Animes With Female Main Characters | Leisurebyte

Check out the curated list of Shonen Animes With Female Main Characters that everyone should know!

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Tron: Ares To Resume Production Soon

After being put on hold due to the SAG-AFTRAQ strike, Tron: Ares is to resume production after the holidays.


Dune: Part Two Receives Earlier Release Date

After being push into 2024, Warner Bros. and Legendary have announced an earlier Dune: Part Two release date.