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Lego 'Machete' trailer features blood, action, and Lego nudity

Lego fan films are a fun hobby and have given us some humorous takes on serious films. This new one, however, stands above the rest as a beautiful recreation of the fake 'Machete' trailer shown at the 'Grindhouse'.

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mediafrenzii4898d ago

I think Rodriguez Tweeted about this before. This thing is awesome!

darklordzor4898d ago

It's just hilarious, those Lego boobs get me cracking up every time!

CMDobson4898d ago

haha! Oh my gosh that's cute!

jarodwarren4898d ago

Someone get this to Danny Trejo immediately!

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Five Films That Would Make Incredible Video Games

Mike writes, "Instead of trying to capitalize on a movie’s release, the best thing to do is go let the video game’s development cycle happen naturally. If it’s good, it will find an audience regardless of the age of its associated film. Hell, Goldeneye came out a good two years after the movie and it’s still regarded as one of the most important games of all time. More recently, Batman: Arkham Asylum redefined the superhero game by existing alongside the Nolan films without depending on them. Indeed, there are good licenses out there, and here are a few that are still untapped."

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ajax173639d ago

eXistenZ, that was so weird. Of course that's redundant; it is a Cronenberg movie after all.

gigoran3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

So a game about a movie about a game? That's some inception business right there.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33638d ago

Westworld. A western/medieval/future theme park ran by robots who turn evil and secretly plot to take over the human race by cloning everybody. Before Michael Crichton gave us Jurassic Park he gave us Westworld and Futureworld.

aDDicteD3631d ago

Any film or show with an incredible concept can make a good game just look at walking dead....i dont know why the films listed here would make better video games if initially those 5 films were already bad to start with. really can machete and escape from LA be a good game right now? maybe it we were still in the 80's. gamers right now tend to go with games with strong plot lines like last of us, uncharted and arkham city to name a few.


Robert Rodriguez Announces Two ‘Machete’ Sequels Says ‘Sin City 2’ May Come Later This Year

The Playlist:
Holding court in Hall H this evening, director Robert Rodriguez unveiled and rattled off project after project during his panel at Comic-Con 2011.

He’s already talked about sequels to “Machete” starring Danny Trejo and while it seemed far-fetched at the time, the prolific filmmaker was not joking and says both films have been greenlit (by Fox or his own Troublemaker Studios remains unclear). “You guys were great about supporting ‘Machete’,” he said. “The second one we’re going right into [now] – ‘Machete Kills.’ He also called, the follow-up film, “Machete Kills Again” a “space opera, a machete-shaped lightsaber. Machete kills in space.” Umm, ok, that sounds crazy.

During a livechat last year, Rodriguez revealed that after “Spy Kids 4,” his next directorial project would be “Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For.”

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alycakes4517d ago

I hope there's a Sin City 2. The first one was great and would love to see another.

Soldierone4516d ago

Machete was one of those movies where I said "thats just all around stupid." so I never saw it. Nobody every talked about it around me in a good or bad way, so it was easy to pass up. I still to this day have no interest in it.

As for Sin City I DO have an interest in it, I just have yet to bother actually watching it lol

alycakes4516d ago

You've never seen Sin City? You have got to go out today...yes, today and watch it. From some of the movie you do like and I'm just going from you comments of other movies and such....I think you would like it a lot. This is not one of your normal everyday run of the mill movies. You do have to be wide awake and pay attention. It's done comic book style and it will have several characters stories to tell but they will all blend in somehow and it's done in a very artistic and fun way.

It's also very violent and a little graphic at times but different then what most movies just have to watch it....just take my word on this one. It is nothing like a Robert Rodriquez or Quentin Tarantino film at all.

Soldierone4516d ago

I have been interested in it and you have found a way to peek my interest in it haha. So I am going to rent it somewhere today, if its good i might as well buy it. Gotta be cheap by now.

alycakes4516d ago

You won't be disappointed...let me know after you've seen it what you think. It's been about a year since I've seen it..I may just watch it again. I've only seen it about 6 times.


Entertainment Focus - Review: Machete

Machete (Danny Trejo – Heat) is an ex-federale who is out for justice when Torrez (Steven Seagal – Under Siege), the crime kingpin responsible for slaying his family, resurfaces. Machete finds himself embroiled in a bitter war between the US government and illegal immigrants crossing the border as he looks to track down Torrez and exact his brutal vengeance, one blade at a time.

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-MD-4637d ago

Machete was way better than a 2/5.

There are some people with horrible taste in movies in this world. It's really scary.

darklordzor4637d ago

Yeah I know, they gave this a low score, but then they gave Life as We Know It a 4/5....Crazy.