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Jet Li comes out of his Wushu retirement

In a move the shocks almost no one, Jet Li has announced he's coming out of his Kung Fu movie retirement for a new role, just four years after 'Fearless' was supposed to be his last.

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mediafrenzii4988d ago

I don't really think I've seen enough Kung Fu movies. Watched them as a kid and got burned out I guess.

darklordzor4988d ago should try them out again, they've gotten so much better these days.

CMDobson4988d ago

Surprise surprise..not. He's reasonably good at Kung Fu movies so why not go for the roles you can get paid at?

josephgomez4988d ago

I am such a huge martial arts film lover. I can't wait.

jarodwarren4988d ago

Sometimes you need to take a break and I'm glad he did before he got burnt out. Supposedly he was getting real tired of the Hollywood BS and bailed, but I'm glad he's back. Those who are meant to just can't keep them away. It needs to come out.

GodsHand4987d ago

Don't they all come back, I mean you can never really leave anything, because you feel like something is missing, and have not found something to replace it with.

But I can say I enjoyed his native movies, more then his Hollywood movies. Not that he can not act, or preform, but these US directors have no idea how to make a movie with his talent. JMO

darklordzor4987d ago

He does have a lot of talent but I think Unleashed was a brilliant movie. He really let his acting chops show in that film.

RememberThe3574987d ago (Edited 4987d ago )

I didn't realize how good of an actor he was until Unleashed. The same thing happened with Jacky Chan when I saw the Shinjuku Incident. You give these guys some well written roles and they can shine.

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