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'Mad Max' filming has been put on hold

Principal photography for the pair of new Mad Max films have been postponed. Putting several crew members out of work, the filming (which was supposed to start in September/October) won't happen now until early 2011.

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mediafrenzii4378d ago

I would love to see another Mad Max film. Had no idea they were doing them again. Please don't be 3-D. Please don't be 3-D.

darklordzor4378d ago

Unfortunately it's already going to be in 3D, but at least they're going to be filming it with actual 3D cameras and not done after the fact.

Smokeyy904377d ago

3D has almost become the norm, but like Dark said at least it is not being tacked on at the end.

CMDobson4378d ago

Hollywood definitely is going crazy with the 3-D stuff right now. Looking forward to this film though, whenever it may come out.

darklordzor4378d ago

This really sucks for the crew members who don't have jobs now and won't until February. That puts a lot of pressure on them. I mean it's great for the movies, because we'll get two of them, but that sucks for everyone else. I think I read somewhere that one of the lead actresses is about to drop out of the film because the new schedule conflicts with her other obligations.

I wonder how good a move this will be in the end.

josephgomez4378d ago

Sounds like an ominous doom.

GodsHand4377d ago

Im Master, he Blaster.

But anyways, I don't know how do you make a remake of a cult classic. If it a differnt story, differnt point of view then maybe. But I can not see this being a blockbuster, only getting critize on not being true to the original. But I would loved to proven wrong.

darklordzor4377d ago

As far as I knew these new films are supposed to be sequels (a continuation of the Mad Max story) and not a remake...