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Harry Potter Owes $167 Million or He’ll Lose His Knee Caps

Nerd Reactor: It seem like everyone is excited over the new Deathly Hollows trailer, and that’s good, because the studio behind the franchise is still paying off the last film. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix made over $938 million worldwide at the box office but a recently release statement says Warner Brothers actually owes money. According to Deadline, the multi-million dollar blockbuster owes $167 million dollars despite the films monumental success. Many may just brush this off as just rumors, but it is hard to dispute when they actually have the receipt.

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GodsHand4374d ago

That's a serious drug habbit you got there Potter. Wingardium Leviosa

This is a first for me, to every come across something like this, money being owed, after it's made a ton of cash. Funny how these studios work.

Smokeyy904374d ago

Wow. After nearly making a billion dollars and STILL owing money. That is nuts.

JoMama4374d ago

Hollywood is a shady place

4373d ago