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'Titanic 3D' confirmed for April 2012

At the 100th birthday for 'Titanic' star Gloria Stuart, James Cameron let it slip that the 3D version for the film was shooting for an April 2012 release date.

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mediafrenzii3963d ago

I'm not looking forward to everything being transferred to 3-D.

darklordzor3963d ago

I was really hoping this gimmick was going to go away soon, especially seeing as how critics are getting tired of it, but with Cameron still going at it, it's not likely to disappear....which sucks.

amsdesignphoto3960d ago

I'm counting the days until this 3D madness stops. Some movies are cool in 3D but others need to stop. I don't know how strong this trend is going. It looks pretty strong considering a few weeks ago I saw my first commercial for a 3D TV.

GodsHand3962d ago

Of all the movies there are, they are making Titanic in 3D. I would of gone with Terminator, if I had to go with something he did.

darklordzor3962d ago

Yeah, he's got plenty of other great movies he could convert. I guess it makes sense though, since that's his second highest grossing film.