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DVD Talk Review: The City of Your Final Destination

DVD Talk:

Oh, dear. I suppose this is going to have to be a Rent It. As an avowed Merchant Ivory fan, it pains me that The City of Your Final Destination falls into the same doldrums of most of their post-millennial work. The story of a literature professor traveling to Uruguay to try to convince the loved ones of a long-dead author to change their minds about the biography he is writing but who ends up changing their lives instead is about as underdeveloped as that sentence would make it sound. There is a great cast here--Laura Linney and Charlotte Gainsbourg in particular do fantastic work--but there is a big gaping hole where the main character should be. Omar Razaghi is just not that interesting a protagonist, and Omar Metwally is just not that good of an actor. (Hell, they couldn't even give him a different name.) The title may be The City of Your Final Destination, but really, it felt like a layover on the way to a better movie.

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