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JoBlo: Inception Review


There is a moment about midway through INCEPTION (a bit you’ve no doubt seen in the trailers and TV spots) where Tom Hardy, as the charming “imposter” Eames, sidles up to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who’s firing an automatic rifle at an unseen assailant. Eames casually brandishes a grenade launcher and offers a cheeky bit of advice to his partner: “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bit bigger darling.”


7 Movies That Challenge Gender Norms For International Women's Day 2024

Are you excited for International Women's Day 2024? Well, we are here to add to that with a list of movies that celebrate the day like no other.

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American Star Review – Fortress of Solitude

After delighting as the unforgettable Winston Scott in the John Wick series, Ian McShane returns to the world of assassins in American Star.

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A Soweto Love Story Review | Leisurebyte

A Soweto Love Story Review: This South African movie, based on a Naija Christmas, is a feel-good film about finding love and fun. However, it's enjoyable only if you haven't watched the original one.

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