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TV Show Awards: Jay Malone Edition

Jay Malone of Playeraffinity wrote: I’ve been watching a ton of television lately and I've realized there has been a multitude of great shows this past year and I thought to myself “Why not hand out some Jay Malone Player Affinity awards?” You may ask “Well, is this awards thing actually… a thing?” Well it is sir/ma’am... it most certainly is. Below are the shows in contention for awards and of course the awards themselves. There are a few shows in there that are still in the middle of their debut season, so I based their performance on the episodes that have been broadcast so far. The awards are for shows that aired from 2009 through mid-2010.

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JL4380d ago

Not one usually for serious tv shows (dramas etc), usually I stick with sitcoms. So, alot of these shows mentioned I've never seen or never even heard of. I love Modern Family though. That shit is funny. And that guy who plays Cameron is absolutely hilarious at times.