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DVD Talk - The Real McCoys: Complete Season 4 Review

DVD Talk:

Not as strong a season as the opener (which I reviewed three years ago), but still funny and sweet--down home-style. Infinity has released The Real McCoys: Complete Season 4, a four-disc, 39-episode(!) collection from the smash-hit ABC sitcom's 1960-1961 go-around. The originator of the "rural sitcom" genre that proved so influential and successful in the 1960s, The Real McCoys used to be a syndication staple during the sixties and seventies, but you don't see it around the dial too much anymore, so these releases by Infinity--compromised as they are, here, by edited versions--are a welcome primer for historians and a boon to the casual vintage TV lover (hard-core vintage TV fans, of course, will pass on these syndicated versions).


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