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How M. Night Shyamalan Ruined My Summer

With the 4th being this Sunday, I tried hard all week to avoid any news and reviews of the film, but I failed. First I read that the movie had a whopping $285 million dollar budget, but as I glanced down I saw that nearly half of that was marketing dollars. The panic started setting in. How could something with this big of built in fan base need so much marketing dollars? Then a few days later, while I was cruising through in the video game section I seen a headline about The Last Airbender being a horrible movie or something to that affect. Then today as I was looking up the movie times my curiosity got the best of me and I zoomed .....

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jazzking20014385d ago

aww, want to cry on my shoulder?

JL4384d ago

That's what you get for getting your hopes up about a Shyamalan movie.

4383d ago