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Hollywood’s amazing ability to cast white actors in obviously non-white roles

It's been one of the most controversial topics surrounding the latest big-budget release, The Last Airbender, which casted a Caucasian actor instead of the main character's asian background. Check out some other films that do the same thing.

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jazzking20014385d ago

ah yes, HW is indeed racest

JL4384d ago

Here's an idea: maybe the choices were just the best choices for the roles regardless of race. Y'all forget asians/blacks/etc are still MINORITIES for a reason. That reason being there's not nearly as many as there are whites. Especially in Hollywood. Maybe the role should just go to the person that plays the role best. Based on skill and acting, not based on color. It's actually funny, I've seen two of these articles now and both are claiming racism by saying that Hollywood won't cast minorities in roles. But isn't the real racism coming from the articles in demanding that the color of a person's skin is what defines the character? Seems racist to me.

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4383d ago