Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides set photos | comes across some set photos from the latest installment from the popular series!

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Smokeyy904379d ago

Disney is milking this series, but I know I will be going to see this opening weekend. Love me some PoTC!

JL4378d ago

I wouldn't say they're milking it. And definitely not beating a dead horse. That would imply the franchise has gone to shit and has no use anymore. But that's quite untrue. I've enjoyed all the Pirates movies and thought they were all good. Sometimes sequels are just sequels. Not necessarily milking. Just because a franchise has more than one sequel doesn't make it a bad thing.

You want milking or beating a dead horse? Go look at Saw 75 or Final Destination 32. Now those are franchises that should be left alone. But to call this milking or beating a dead horse is like saying that making The Hobbit is milking and beating a dead horse.

4377d ago