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Film Critic: The Last Airbender Review

Film Critic:

Is it too late for M. Night Shyamalan to Krazy Glue the term Avatar back onto the title of his spiritual adventure, The Last Airbender? Perhaps he can dupe a few eager ticket buyers into believing they're getting to see James Cameron's Oscar nominee instead of this staid, interminable miscalculation.

As it stands, the Signs and Sixth Sense director turns Nickelodeon's beloved animated series into The Last Snore-bender. With heaping helpings of religion, science, history, and physical education (offered through some of the dullest martial arts sequences in recent memory), Shyamalan's Airbender feels like school in the summertime. Is he trying to attract or alienate young audiences?

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jazzking20014381d ago

movie was just went too slow for my taste

4380d ago