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Oh Sookie: Snoop Dogg Hits on Bon Temps Hottest Waitress

Nerd Reactor: I think it is safe to say that Snoop Dogg is a timeless gem for our generation. From having his own Car Navigation System, to swinging a Lightsaber in the new STAR WARS Nike commercials, there is no limit to what Snoop can do. Now Snoop has set his sights on the hottest Vamp-Bait in all of Louisiana, Sookie Stackhouse. Music video is more of a spoof then Snoop legit love confession to actress Anna Paquin. The video is pretty funny and it’s nice to see that Snoop doesn’t take himself to seriously.

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Cat4385d ago

Ha! Good stuff, Snoop. Now if only he could say "Sookie" just like Bill.

JoMama4385d ago

lol I laughed my ass off at the part. Too bad no new episode this week :(

4385d ago