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Accused 'Twilight' bootlegger sues movie theater

A woman who was arrested last year for recording 3 minutes of 'New Moon' is now trying to sue the movie theater for emotional distress, even though it was her own fault for brining the camera into the theater.

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CMDobson4902d ago

She's being ridiculous. It's common sense to not bring in a camcorder to a theater, but she did it anyway. She should count her blessings that the charges got dropped.

darklordzor4902d ago

I just don't understand why she thinks she's entitled to anything. I'd just be happy that I didn't get sentenced to 3 years in jail. She just wants money.

amsdesignphoto4902d ago

anyone who tries to complain and sue... should definitely be sentenced for pushing the matter.

jazzking20014902d ago

well at my theater there is a pretty big sign that says NO CAMERAS ALLOWED

darklordzor4902d ago

Most theaters do, I don't know why she thought that was a good idea.

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