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In protest against 'The Last Airbender,' fans find empowerment

LA Times: As protesters paraded outside the ArcLight Hollywood theater Thursday evening, signs filled the air with hand-written phrases such as "Support fair casting!" and "Hollywood is racist and too ignorant to know it!" The chant of "Get it right, M. Night!" rose above the noise of Sunset Boulevard rush-hour traffic.

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jazzking20014897d ago

the casting for the main character was done online
i dont see that as being unfair

HumanStark4897d ago

Do you have a source for that? I am 90% sure that there was never any "online casting" or voting from fans for this movie.

4896d ago

Player Affinity | Five Movies That Took Themselves Too Seriously

Player Affinity writes: It’s your typical story complete with all the clichés that mark the Western genre. Craig is the man with no name and no memory (start the violins please). He wakes up in the town of Absolution where the people don’t take kindly to strangers (do they ever?). The town is overseen by an old-timer with a bad attitude played by a snarling Ford. Of course, the stranger they beat the crap out of in the beginning of the movie is the only one who can save them when the UFOs land in their town and start snatching their women, children, horses, and hogs.

Some people are calling this a comeback of a genre – a reinvention of sorts. I’m calling it a potential disaster based on an unshakable feeling. Cliché city, a premise so ridiculous it can only be explained in the most basic of titles, and major stars (with serious acting chops) attached and top billed. I detect a movie that has gone the route of taking itself way too seriously. It wasn’t the first, it won’t be the last, and this is hardly an exhaustive list of the uppity cinematic experiences we at PAM can recall.

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Assumedkilla4508d ago

I agree with the list... besides Funny People. I like first half better because it was serious, then it became a romantic comedy, which is lame.


Shadowlocked - 10 Movies That Made Serious $, But Sucked Serious...

Shadowlocked - These films put the 'suck' in 'success'...

Despite countless negative reviews - such as this one - The Hangover 2 has, as of last Sunday, become the biggest grossing R-rated comedy of all time. Surpassing its predecessor by a cool $20 million, the sequel is yet another addition to what I like to call the 'cash-condors' - a film that manages financial success despite its ugly looks and/or content. Inspired by the 'only-a-mother-could-love& #39; appearance of the Californian Condor, these films share much in common with this unfortunate bird of prey. Both are vultures (either through family or financial ties); both reproduce at a young age (six for the bird itself, and probably between 1-3 years for the greedy, corporate film studios); and both have increased their numbers drastically in the last couple of years (all of our film choices have occurred within the last 9 years).

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darklordzor4539d ago

I really liked Signs. I don't know why I always see it pop up on these 'worst' lists. It's actually my favorite M. Night movie. It's filled with tons of depth and symbolism. Easily a movie that helped me make a decision to go into filmmaking.

sjaakiejj4539d ago

The only movies I think belong in that list are the Twilight series, Scooby Doo and the Last Airbender. The other movies were all very enjoyable, especially Hangover 2.

darklordzor4539d ago

See I never even thought the second Scooby-Doo movie made that much money....

luke12345674539d ago

It's very surprising how much it did make Dark lord - in no way record-breaking, but remarkable nevertheless.

luke12345674539d ago

The Hangover 2 was horrible; its lack of unoriginal material was painful, especially as I was a huge fan of the original.

So, to say that is unbelievable. And Transformers 2? Really?

sjaakiejj4539d ago

Transformers 2 wasn't an amazing movie, but to say I didn't enjoy it would be lying.

As for Hangover 2, sure it used the same template as the first movie, but the fact that they filled that template in differently made it just as funny as the first one. If you want to complain about how it's not a completely new movie, go for it, but I loved the film, and came out the cinema still laughing, and there's not a lot of movies that can do that.

It was nothing original, but that doesn't make it a terrible movie.

alycakes4539d ago

I don't agree with much of this list. The Last Airbender, The Twilight movies and the Scooby Doo are the only ones that probably belong on that list. I didn't see the second Hangover so it might belong on it. I really liked all the other movies on that list and I read the DaVinci Code before seeing the movie and still felt like they did a hell of a job bringing it to the screen. I can't believe they have Transformers on that list either....these people need to go out and get something else to do.

luke12345674539d ago

Are you serious Alycakes? How else could we back it up.

Im just going to take ONE to prove my point. You said "I can't believe they have Transformers on that list either.." - well let's look at the evidence.

The list is 10 films that made serious $, but sucked serious...and The Transformers is the epitome of that.


It has a rotten tomatoes score of was a muck movie. Too much going on; not enough actual was a massive disappointment.

Need more evidence? OK, how about 35 on Metacritic - - that enough?

In fact, Rolling Stone's reviewer said "Transformers 2 has a shot at the title Worst Movie of the Decade".

So, here's an idea...stop knocking the article because of your upset fan-boy ego...

alycakes4539d ago

But you see luke if people went to see movies by what critic wrote about them, they'd never go see them. I go see a movie because I want to go see a movie not because I hear it's good or bad. I like to think that I can still think for myself and don't follow a fast rule that you should listen to the ratings like a robot. I know what I like and what I don't like and others should also do the same.

sjaakiejj4539d ago

Movie Reviews are rubbish. Many of the highly rated movies are boring as hell, and many of the lower rated movies are really enjoyable. I don't care about how the director's shots aren't to a reviewers liking, I don't care about CG effects that aren't as amazing as the top-tier movies, I don't care if the story, or one similar to it has been done before, and I most certainly do not care about someone else's opinion regarding a movie, as the reviews are as subjective as they can get.

CobraKai4539d ago

I absolutely LOVED Revenge of the Fallen and Indy 5. War of the Worlds was underrated.

Ahh I love movies you'd actually go to the movies to see.

newn4gguy4539d ago

This author has HORRIBLE taste in movies! Most of these aren't bad...especially Signs. That's a phenomenal movie.

Maybe he's an atheist. ;)

newn4gguy4539d ago

And War of the Worlds was great too!

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