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23rd 'Bond' film is officially canned

After being put on hold until MGM's fate was decided, sources have now come out and said the film has been officially cancelled. Meaning that any new 'Bond' film at this point would more than likely use an entirely new cast, crew, and story from what was planned.

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CMDobson4385d ago

This sucks, because this probably means we won't get to see Craig finish his run as Bond. It just makes one wonder who's going to end up with the property next. Maybe it'll just float around like the Terminator rights.

darklordzor4385d ago

This sucks. Bond was finally really cool again since they modernized it with the last two. Now who knows what will happen to it. It's sad to see such a historic franchise suddenly be in limbo. 22 films is an incredible amount of successful movies.

While it's a sad day for Bond fans, at least there's a brand new Bond book about to come out.

no_more_heroes4384d ago (Edited 4384d ago )

IMO the new bond movies were good action movies, but they could have been better "Bond" movies. If they were any franchise other than 007 they would be pretty awesome, but they just didn't feel like "Bond" movies so that kinda soured both movies for me. Daniel Craig just wasn't suave enough (I thought James Bond was supposed to be handsome and classy). I felt like I was watching an ape act. If they aren't gonna continue with Daniel Craig, then they should try to find a younger British guy to play him (just as long as it isn't Robert Patterson).

Just to be clear, the action and everything else is top-notch, they just need to make Bond himself classy again.

Galaxia4384d ago

Hopefully if we are lucky this means no more Daniel Craig. I couldn't stand his Bond, as said before Bond is Suave not a massive douche bag, bone head, gutter mouth like Craig is. He ruined the entire experiance.

Maybe we will get an actual 007 film again. You know, one with cool gadgets and spying and all that. :D

GodsHand4384d ago

At first I did not like how they modernized Bond, but after a while I started to like the realism it had, without all the fancy gadgets. I was really looking forward to see this new direction take off into something great. I hope when it does get picked up again, it keeps the same feel, and not revert to the old stuff. Mind you I still enjoy the old Bond films, but I warmed up to the new style.

josephgomez4384d ago

Wow, I know they'll make more, but it sort of feels like the end of a dynasty.

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