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Better twist endings to M. Night Shyamalan movies

What most leaps into our heads upon mention of M. Night Shyamalan is dramatic plot twists. He's been doing his best to be the poor man's Rod Serling for well over a decade now, and the results have been decidedly hit-or-miss. With a twistless The Last Airbender out now, we thought we'd help the guy out by improving his most famous endings, free of charge and heedless of spoiler warnings.

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jazzking20014466d ago

The Last Airbender movie ending sucked

JL4465d ago

Imagine that. A Shyamalan ending sucks. They've all sucked but one, maybe two (I guess Signs was decent). Other than that though that's his M.O. Stupid twists and crappy endings. He should hang it up.

4465d ago