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BoxOffice Magazine: Despicable Me Review

BoxOffice Magazine:

Although competition is already fierce among animated and 3D films this year, they'll all make room for this, the quirkiest entry yet. Despicable Me is a rousingly funny, heartfelt and imaginative ‘toon blessed with the vocal talents of Steve Carell and loaded with whimsy and smarts. Centered on the bizarre world of Gru, a "super villain" whose plans to pull off the biggest heist of all time are complicated when three orphaned girls come into his life, this thoroughly entertaining confection may not give Toy Story 3 a run for its money but is hilarious, wacky, twisted fun by any measure. After a rough couple of years with few bright spots, Universal should find significant theatrical success for the relatively bargain priced $65 million production once word of mouth surfaces. Prospects down the road on DVD would appear stratospheric.

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JL4428d ago

I'm definitely going to have to check this out. This is getting GREAT reviews (right up there with Toy Story 3). We could have some new contenders for Pixar in Universal/Illumination. That's of course if they can keep bringing quality like this and ride this momentum. Or at the very least contenders to DreamWorks (now that sounds more plausible). Definitely eager to see this though.