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Top 50 Comic Book Movies

Mania: The Mania staff decided to do a search for the best comic book movie ever. We've sat through countless screeners and exhausted our Netflix queue for our Top 50 Comic Book Movies. Who is king on the silver screen? DC, Marvel or other?

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JL4385d ago

Wanted above 30 Days of Night? Not hardly. I actually really enjoyed 30 Days. And I wouldn't put Constantine that low either, really enjoyed that movie as well.

Timecop. lol I'm sorry but Van-Damme doesn't make good movies. That definitely shouldn't be above 30 Days either. In fact shouldn't be on the list.

I freakin loved V for Vendetta and think that should be much higher on the list as well.

Didn't know Road to Perdition was based on a comic book. And A History of Violence too? Didn't know that either. Both great movies.

And of course knew who was going to be sitting at number 1. Ledger's performance alone ensured that.

jazzking20014384d ago

i like most of comic book movie on the list

4384d ago