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New Title for Fifth 'Final Destination', Opening Disaster Confirmed

Bloody Disgusting: Going along with the new trend in dropping a digit into the title (i.e. Scre4m), Bloody Disgusting learned that Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema have tentatively set the title of their fifth Final Destination to: 5NAL DESTINATION. It's gets better, Bloody Disgusting got confirmation that the opening disaster involves a suspension bridge collapsing. Boom! There you have it.

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JL4428d ago

Hollywood really knows how to milk a franchise don't they. If they want a rental from me (and that's all they have a chance of getting), then they better make some seriously cool/creative death scenes. After all, that is the sole appeal of the franchise. The last one just didn't impress me. Some of it was cool, but seemed they relied too much on the 3D gimmick to try to make some rather uncreative deaths look cool by having things popping out of the screen right at your face.

Now I don't mind the franchise being shallow and nothing but "death porn" as I've heard it put before, but at least give me back those cool and creative deaths that are fun to watch. If you've run out of ideas, just stop.

jazzking20014427d ago

lets see how good this will be

4427d ago