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Is it whitewashing or just good casting?

TMP takes a brief look back at the history of whitewashing in Hollywood as well as the accusations brought against recent Summer films. Since when does cating the best person for the role become an issue?

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mediafrenzii4387d ago

I always thought Charlton Heston in 'Touch of Evil' was a laugh.

CMDobson4386d ago

Great article, and I could not agree more.

darklordzor4386d ago

I admit, that whitewashing is still around to some degree (like in the film 21), but for the most part, I don't know of any directors who would really care anymore. Some of the most successful actors are of color.

I fully believe that casting should be based on the best person for the job.

josephgomez4386d ago

Just so long as directors aren't permanently discriminating it shouldn't be a big deal.

CMDobson4386d ago

It feels more discriminating to exclude good actors just because they're white. I think the people protesting these films have it backwards.

panasonic234385d ago

No sh!t it white washing and it not only in the movie it the world history i love how white people made god and all the angels white.

btw i'm mix so yeah

Ludakriss4385d ago

HAhahah!! Oh man that's something. "BTW I'm mix so yeah". Well done. Funny stuff. Don't take it wrong man.

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