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C'mon Hollywood: Are Horror Icons Dying a Slow Death?


I watched the new Nightmare on Elm Street over the weekend and decided to give it a couple days to gel in my mind. The reviews were far from stellar when it came down to the critics and the old school Elm Street fans, but remained mixed as many new generation fans dug it. For me, Freddy and Pinhead were THE Horror Icons to beat growing up because of the verbal banter we just don’t get from other fan favorites like Jason, Leatherface and Michael Myers (no I didn’t forget about Chucky, but even as a kid I couldn’t bring myself to fear a doll). With the eighties gone (along with Hollywood’s creativity) we’ve been forced to endure the age of remakes and see our favorite Icons brought back to the screen. Some were hits, some were misses, but as the negative vibe continues to build are we finding ourselves past the point of no return here? Are these Horror Icons’ days numbered?

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