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JustPressPlay: She's Out Of My League Review

JustPressPlay: Why would a 10 go for a 5? That’s the question asked in She’s Out of My League, where lanky geekboy, Kirk (Jay Baruchel) who works for airport security with secret dreams of becoming a pilot, meets and falls for Molly (Alice Eve), the perfect woman.

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5042d ago

SPINE Movie Adaptation in the Works

Nekki has announced that the forthcoming gun fu game, SPINE, will receive a movie adaptation to expand the franchise.


Simu Liu Promises the Shang-Chi Sequel Is Still Happening

Despite the lack of updates from Marvel Studios and Disney, Shang-Chi star Simu Liu says the sequel to the successful 2021 movie is still happening.


Why Did People Hate the Batman: The Killing Joke Movie?

Based on the wildly popular 1988 comic book one-shot by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland, the anticipation soared for Batman: The Killing Joke movie. But why didn't it deliver in the end?

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