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A Man and His Dream: Christopher Nolan and ‘Inception’

Is Christopher Nolan a household name yet? Certainly, the movies that this 39-year-old director has made, from his breakthrough noir “Memento” to his billion-dollar Batman sequel “The Dark Knight”, have been some of the most influential and popular films of the last decade. But will his pedigree – combined, of course, with the photogenic mug of Leonardo DiCaprio – be enough to reel in moviegoers by the millions for “Inception,” his highly anticipated if enigmatic new movie?

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JL4381d ago

I love Christopher Nolan's work. He may very well be my favorite director of modern times. I mean come on, the guy has yet to make a bad movie. And it says even more that not only does he direct these movies, he's writing them as well (along with his brother of course, they make a great team). Very much excited for Inception.