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Yo-Landi Vi$$er For Dragon Tattoo?

David Fincher's English-language re-working of Stieg Larsson's mammoth-selling The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is gathering a decent head of steam in Hollywood. There's talk of Daniel Craig playing the lead role of disgraced journo and amateur sleuth Mikael Blomkvist, but the casting of Aspergers cyber-punk Lisbeth Salander (played by Noomi Rapace in the Swedish version) is proving trickier. Has Fincher, who's said to want a relative unknown, found his Lisbeth in Yo-Landi Vi$$er?

Vi$$er (yes, you have to spell it that way) is a part of the stunt South African rap group Die Antwoord, who scored a massive viral online hit with their (very much NSFW) Enter the Ninja video earlier this year, and just signed to Interscope records (former home of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson, current home of Lady Gaga, and once intricately involved with Suge Knight and Dr Dre's Death Row). Neil Blomkamp is directing their next video.

Owen Williams

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