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'Rise of the Apes' has found its Caesar

The role of Caesar, a hyper-intelligent ape who leads a revolt creating the 'Planet of the Apes', has been cast. Fox has chosen Andy Serkis to lead the 'Rise of the Apes'.

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darklordzor4993d ago

The casting choices so far have actually been really good, so I have a lot of hope for this movie being good. I really want it to be good, since Conquest of the Apes (the one it's based off of) was my favorite one out of the series.

amsdesignphoto4993d ago

I have high hopes for this one. Last time I had high hopes for a movie I was completely off on it (haha). If all else fails, the acting should be killer.

darklordzor4992d ago

I just hope this means Caesar will talk. I hope he's not all ape, and that Serkis will get to do more than just dance around like a monkey.

darklordzor4992d ago

Since Weta Digital is making Serkis into Caesar this brings up the question as to whether or not there'll be other apes like him in the film. Will there actually be a rise of the apes in this film, or will it be Caesar starting to teach the others to be smarter?

polarbear4992d ago (Edited 4992d ago )

Sweet, another cash in on an old, popular movie series
Even better, it completely goes against the cannon of the series

darklordzor4991d ago

I don't think it's going totally against the cannon of the series. In the first film's they explained that Caesar was an Ape who rose up and taught the other apes to be smarter and rise against the humans.

It's the same plot here, just a little different, and yes we'd have to ignore the Conquest of the Apes movie.

Besides I think they're trying to go in the same timeline/cannon of the other remake they did (the Tim Burton one), so it's a whole new ball game.

4991d ago
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