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TMP Review: Twilight Saga: Eclipse

TheMoviePool braved the crowds of teenagers in order to attend the midnight showing of Twilight Eclipse. While the pacing was better, and the characters given far more attention, minor issues still prevent this from being a great film.

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amsdesignphoto4382d ago

You aren't kidding about the lines. I was in Plano for a prescreening yesterday; there were lines for the midnight showings starting at the time I arrived at 4pm for a 7pm screening. I could understand a free movie, but I'd never stand in line for hours for a movie I was paying to go see. Not even Twilight even though I oddly like it.

darklordzor4382d ago

I'm still not terribly impressed with the Twilight Saga. I really can't get past the acting, and I was hoping they would fix the effects on the werewolves. They look awful.

josephgomez4382d ago

This movie was awful. As expected.

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