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'Paranormal Activity 2' trailer haunts the Internet

Filled with tension and heart racing anticipation, the trailer for 'Paranormal Activity 2' picks up where the first film ended. While it shows very little footage from the film and is incredibly short, it's still thrill inducing and exudes the same atmosphere that made the first film great.

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josephgomez4389d ago

i really enjoyed the first film (up until the last 3 seconds). Looking forward to more chills.

darklordzor4389d ago

Yeah, this one had me on edge. Especially with the baby standing up, and then all of sudden he's not there when Katie walks in looking all creepy and possessed. I just wonder how this one will really play out.

The end of the first said that her husbands body was found days later and she was no where to be found. I'm worried that the first few mintues of this film will be like the first movie and then the rest will be like a 'normal' film.

Who knows, maybe this just takes place during those few days before the police come in.

amsdesignphoto4389d ago

You guys are definitely braver than I. After hearing from a lot of people how it freaked them out, I could never get around to watching it because of my fear lol.

As I watched this trailer, I had body chills. Scary. If I am daring enough, I'll watch it in broad daylight (that's for sure).

darklordzor4389d ago

Believe me I only watched it at home in the morning with all of the lights on.

CMDobson4389d ago

I did not like the first one that much, but hopefully this will be better. The previews looked freaky!

amsdesignphoto4388d ago

Previews can definitely make or break whether I want to see it or not. I think I'll claim chicken on this and admire those who brave it out haha

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