Where is all the Space?

From the dawn of time, it has captured our imagination. As far back when we were just learning to walk upright to get our knuckles off the ground, flinging spitballs to let the girl in our class know we are into her, and make Geico commercials, we were scribbling pictures of constellations on cave walls. Every civilization from the ancients to now, point upward and say,”My god is up there.”

How could they not, with no electricity or lights beyond fire, the night sky would be dark and the stars will be bright. At night they would look up and their familiar friends would be in their places scattered about the sky. The stars would be used to help ancient mariners transverse the oceans and seas, while they fished and looked for villages to rape and plunder. Every once in awhile they would look up and see something move in the sky and with a little imagination and story telling Sci-fi was born. From the beginnings of media entertainment space and sci-fi has played a big part.

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