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Marvel aims to tackle the small screen by creating Marvel Television

After dominating the big screen with a string of successful comic book adaptations, Marvel is looking to extend their success onto the small screen. With a new division called Marvel Television and Jeph Leob at the reins, they are planning on creating animated and live-action TV shows as well as Direct-to-DVD films.

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amsdesignphoto4387d ago

I like this direction. I may want to start watching TV. I have liked the Direct-to-DVD films even if the movies weren't up to par. I have discovered a few gems. I'm excited to see the further development.

darklordzor4387d ago

Yeah the Iron Man cartoon movie was good, and so was their Avengers one. Personally I think DC is tops when it comes to those D-T-DVD animated films. Crisis on Two Earths was amazing and the Green Lantern one was outstanding.

Let's hope Marvel can step it up.

panasonic234382d ago

DC is killing i can't wait to see Batman under the red hood and their new announce Batman/Superman APOCALYPSE.

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