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'Back to the Future' trilogy hitting Blu-ray in October

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original theatrical release of 'Back to the Future', Universal Studios is releasing the entire remastered trilogy on Blu-ray with new interviews and 2 hours of bonus features.

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josephgomez4390d ago

The first one is still a prime example of wonderful moviemaking magic. This is kinda epic news. :-)

darklordzor4390d ago

Yeah I can't wait for this. LotR, Star Wars, and Back to the Future are all series that need Blu-ray. Since they are getting them, I guess next I'll have to wait for a Jurassic Park announcement.

amsdesignphoto4390d ago

Back to the Future is superb. I'd like to see it in Blu-ray. It is epic and thrilling :)

darklordzor4388d ago

I had to go back and watch the movies after seeing this, and they're still just as fun to watch. I can't wait to see them in HD.

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