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New Harry Potter images show the darker tone of 'Deathly Hallows'

With fans eagerly awaiting the release of the full theatrical trailer, new images from the film has been released which highlight the much darker tone of the two-part finale.

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josephgomez3969d ago

I need to catch up on my Harry Potters... these pics look kinda awesome.

darklordzor3969d ago

They are. The first couple are very 'kiddie' but Goblet of Fire really sets the bar.

Yeah these pictures are really making this film look amazing.

amsdesignphoto3969d ago

How many movies are there? I can't recall. I lost count after 2 or 3 honestly. Sometime I guess when I'm bored I need to sit down and watch them to see if I catch the fire.

darklordzor3969d ago

There are 7 books and a movie for each one (expect this last one which was split in 2). So all told, when it's over there will be 8 films.

Definitely give them a watch, even when you're not bored. They're worth it.

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