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Who's playing the next 'Spider-Man'?

Months have passed since the announcement of the new 'Spider-Man.' Sony has made some daring choices with their finalists. TMP discusses some of Sony's decisions; is it for better or worse for the Spider-Man franchise? Or should they scrap the entire venture?

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darklordzor4433d ago

While I didn't really like Spider-Man 3, I still wanted Sam Raimi to do the next one. So far Sony's decisions regarding the storyline aren't that great. I mean they're taking him back to the whiny little brat in high school.

Spider-Man is my all time favorite hero (I've collected many of his comics) but at this point I think they just need to drop it.

amsdesignphoto4433d ago (Edited 4433d ago )

I'm all for dropping it. I don't know much about the story-line as I'm not a Spider-Man guru but the actor lists worries me. They still plan on trying to keep the original release date but with the rate they're going.. it could crash horribly. Rushing a film (much less anything really) is not the brightest idea. This entire deal is not starting out too well.

josephgomez4433d ago

Along with my movie geekdom, I do have musical theater geekdom too. Julie Taymor (TITUS, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and Broadway's THE LION KING) will be helming the musical version of Spidey on stage in New York next year. Now <i>that</i> is at least interesting (if a bit crazy sounding too) to me. The show has been delayed for two years or so now, but most recent reports are stating a 2011 opening. After SPIDEY 3, I'm kind of weary of anymore unless it's an entire re-vamp with a director I can trust.

amsdesignphoto4433d ago

I heard about the musical version when I was researching a few things. I didn't get to read the article but that seems to be a different direction. I do agree it sounds a bit crazy. Creativity is unlimited.

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