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First official image from 'Priest' strikes the net

The first picture from the movie 'Priest', a story about a vampire-hunting man of the cloth, has started making its rounds on the internet.

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amsdesignphoto4392d ago (Edited 4392d ago )

I saw the actor and I was "Is that guy from 'Legion'?" Then I read on (ha). I'm not sure how to really take this film. I loathed (yes loathed) "Legion" due to my spiritual background. I was rather infuriated so I'm not feeling this. Vampire films need to stop for awhile until we start missing them. I feel like I'm being drowned by vampire flicks and 3D effects in general.

darklordzor4392d ago

Yeah I was thrown off by Legion as well (I'm very Christian as well), but I feel the genre of religious fiction in film is wildly untapped. I was hoping Legion could bring on more of them, but it was terrible. I'm interested in seeing what this will be like, since it's based off of a comic.

amsdesignphoto4391d ago

My other concern with "religious-fiction" is people will start to cross believe it to be true about our Christian belief-system. I feel they could've done so much more with Legion. I thought it was going to deal more so with the actual demon considering the movie title.

It is a genre that has a lot of potential for some spectacular cinema. Personally, I'd love to see a movie following aspects of Revelations. Now that'd make an awesome, action packed film.

jarodwarren4391d ago

The only film in my opinion which has really grasped the religion genre was the original Prophecy. Let's hope they can recapture that. But tapping into an area that is wholly based on faith and therefore open to wide interpretation makes securing a story and making it entertaining very very difficult. When you side too strongly on one side you alienate other religions and therefore fall into the trap.

I guess we'll see.

darklordzor4391d ago

Oh man I loved the Prophecy movies. Even the sequels were really good (third was only okay). I'm glad someone mentioned that.

josephgomez4391d ago

I'm always interested in these films but end up always disappointed in the quality. The only "religious-fiction" films that have been good for me are THE EXORCIST, LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST, and THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST - and I necessarily wouldn't consider those in the same genre as this one. We'll see...

amsdesignphoto4391d ago

an outstanding religious film is Jesus of Nazareth with Robert Powell. Very powerful.

4388d ago