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Animated 'The Addams Family' is no longer a rumor

After much speculation and rumors, producer Christopher Meledandri has confirmed that an animated 'Addams Family' film using traditional stop-motion animation is in the works. Even better he's also confirmed that Tim Burton will be involved in the project.

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darklordzor4435d ago

Sweet, I really hope Burton directs this, but I seriously doubt that will happen. He's got too much going on right now, especially after taking on Monsterpocalypse.

amsdesignphoto4434d ago

He's good but I've never liked that type of animation. I'm more into Sleepy Hollow - no animation. I might give it a shot if he does manage to make the time.

jarodwarren4434d ago

Man Burton Addams Family would be sick. To take a whole "Nightmare" or "Corpse Bride" turn to the Family would be very interesting, considering what could be accomplished visually with the newest advents in stop motion and CGI.

Can't wait to hear more on this.

darklordzor4434d ago

So I've been reading the original Charles Addams comic strip (because I didn't even know there was one) and it's actually pretty interesting. I curious to see how they're going to take that approach to the film/storyline.