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Peter Jackson in negotiations to direct 'The Hobbit' himself

With del Toro off the project rumors have been running rampant on who would take over the highly anticipated project. Fanboys have reason to get excited as Peter Jackson is now negotiating to fill in the top spot and fast-track the films for 2012 and 2013 release dates.

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mediafrenzii4480d ago

I haven't been to pumped about this movie because it seems so far off. I have always thought it should stay in Jackson's hands though.

darklordzor4480d ago

Absolutely. I wasn't happy that he wanted to step down for the Hobbit and honestly when they announce del Toro as the director, I actually got excited. If anyone else could pull off the fantasy of Tolkien's world, it would be del Toro. I'm so glad it looks like Jackson will be taking up the helm.

JL4478d ago

Agreed this is too far off for me to really be concerned about right now, but I also thought it should stay in Jackson's hands. I mean come on, he led up through the Lord of the Rings trilogy, might as well keep at it and take us on that Hobbit ride in a world he had become very intimate with. Del Toro was a good choice since he can indeed put a nice appeal to a fantasy world like that, but always I would prefer Jackson over any other at this point.

josephgomez4479d ago

Anyone else wiggin' out on is weight loss? It's like Seth Rogan in THE GREEN HORNET... but with a creepy Manson beard.

PS360WII4479d ago

That's how I thought it was going to be in the first place. Good luck with those negotiations

WhereTheBuffalo4479d ago

finally some good news! Hopefully they can finally get the ball rolling and get the project into production.

darklordzor4479d ago

Yeah if Jackson has his way and gets it fast-tracked that would be sweet, then we could definitely see it in 2012!