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Teaser trailer for 'The Social Network' gets ominous

The first trailer for the movie about the founders of Facebook has hit the net, and like it's first poster it's a missed opportunity. Showing absolutely no footage from the film (just audio) the foreboding trailer is more boring than intriguing.

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mediafrenzii3976d ago

Eh, it's interesting enough. But then again I want to see it anyway.

darklordzor3976d ago

I just don't get the marketing for this. It's not terrible I guess, but it really doesn't give you a good sense of the film either. A teaser should intrigue me and get me wanting to know more. This just doesn't.

amsdesignphoto3976d ago

I'm not even going to bother with this film. It's embarrassing the route they ventured into from the poster and now this trailer. Eh. Not interested.

josephgomez3976d ago

The marketing for this has been all sorts of wrong. The movie still has a lot of buzz going for it, but I think it's more based on Jesse Eisenberg and the story itself.

darklordzor3975d ago

Gosh I can't believe all of the other film sites that are talking about how great this film is, and even AICN said they've perfected the art of the teaser trailer.

They did a terrible job with it. Ughhh...

WhereTheBuffalo3975d ago

Definitely a weak teaser trailer. Supposedly the script is really solid though and with Fincher as director,it has a recipe to be a good film. Hopefully we don't have to wait too long till we actually see a trailer with some footage.

amsdesignphoto3975d ago

Let's hope that there are no missing ingredients. I'd like to see a trailer with footage as well. I hope it doesn't completely and utterly smash the dream and be a dud.