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Day-Lewis vs. Downey Jnr in Sherlock 2?

With the script being polished and the shoot confirmed for December this year, Sherlock Holmes 2 is well on its way towards a Christmas 2011 release and the casting rumours have started already.

As was expected, Professor Moriarty is to be the villain for the sequel but what was also expected has turned out to be a load of bollocks as Brad Pitt will NOT be playing the role as was widely believed. It’s also been confirmed that Pitt did not voice the character in the first film either, so his involvement has never been and will never be.

Anyway, so this rumour that’s been going around…….Daniel Day-Lewis?

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JL5102d ago

Let me say I love the Sherlock Holmes series. I have all the books. Read them all. At least the ones by Doyle. Love them. And for once it was nice to see somebody (Ritchie and Downey) portray Sherlock more accurately to the books. Everything I've ever seen about him always has him as this sort of distinguished proper English gentleman. Not at all the case. So it was nice to see a more accurate portrayal of Holmes (though there were bits that weren't right, but still better than I've seen before). Holmes however they did screw up. But I'll let that slide, Downey and Law did have good chemistry. So I'm definitely looking forward to part two.

That being said: Pitt as Moriarty? Could never see that happening. Just isn't right for that character. At all. Moriarty was an evil mastermind. A more sinister yet almost "regal". Highly highly intelligent. Pitt just doesn't give off that vibe. Daniel Day-Lewis on the other hand, I think he could make a very good Moriarty. I would love to see that. Throw a bit of Bill the Butcher in with Daniel Plainview and put an English gentleman/intellectual spin on it and he could totally pull it off. Day-Lewis never disappoints and I think he could really shine as Moriarty.

Another I've seen mentioned is Gary Oldman, and that could be a good one too. Much better than Pitt at least, still not as good as Day-Lewis though. But after seeing his sinister take in Book of Eli, I could see him pulling it off.

Others that I think would be good: I could see Alan Rickman pulling it off. He's got that intellectual proper gentleman thing to him, but with his sinister side he shows in the Harry Potter series, he could pull it off I think. John Malkovich could pull the part off well I think as well. Ian McKellen, he could actually pull it off really well just a bit old for the part. Ben Kingsley would be great too I'm sure, but like Ian McKellen, the age would be a factor. Hugh Laurie might be a good choice, just don't know since I've never really seen him play a villain. But I always thought that the way he portrays the House character, he would've made a good choice for Holmes himself. And considering Moriarty and Holmes are alot alike in many ways just one is good and the other evil, then Laurie could maybe pull off Moriarty if he could do sinister.

Oooh, wait. Christoph Waltz. I think he could totally pull it off. And ever since Inglorious Basterds, I've wanted to see him in another role. He was great in that film. Just take his role from there, tighten it up and refine it a bit more, not so carefree and "joking" and "loose" as he seemed in Basterds and he could totally nail it. I wouldn't mind seeing that at all, and definitely want to see more of him.


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rpad9d ago

wow. that looks just like my pinball-torture basement!


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