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Movie Review: "Toy Story 3" (...Where The Buffalo Roam)

During the past fifteen years, Pixar Animation Studios changed the way we view animation films. With each film they released, the bar was raised in terms of storytelling. After ten films, they have yet to fail critically or financially. This summer, Pixar released Lee Unkrich’s Toy Story 3 with much anticipation from fans of the Toy Story series. Like many threequels in the past, they have the tendency to fail to live up to the expectations from the public. Was Toy Story 3 able to successfully tell a great story and end the series on a high-note?

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xTHRASHx4430d ago

I applaud your review and from the looks of it our view of it was very mirrored. I also did a review at a site i work for and you sould pm me to see how similar our views are. good article!

4425d ago