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The Runaways Make A Comeback!

Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart star in the true life rise to fame of the punk rock band The Runaways.

A young Joan Jett (Stewart) is eager to start the first ever girl only rock band, but this is the 1970s and it won't be easy. She approaches local music producer Kim Fowley (Michael Shannon) who jumps at the opportunity to revolutionise the genre.

He quickly rounds up a group fronted by Cherie Currie (Fanning) who unknowingly becomes an overnight pop icon. But life in the fast lane can be tough, and as the girls rise through the ranks they begin to realise that not everyone is cut out for the music business.

The two young leads provide breakthrough performances announcing to the world that they aren't little girls anymore. For Fanning this is certainly her shining moment playing one of her most challenging role to date.

The films cuts to chase and gives audiences a back stage pass to the fly by night success that was The Runaways career.

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