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30 Years of Terror...A Look Back At Friday the 13th

Three decades ago, writer Victor Miller and director Sean S. Cunningham decided to bring the slasher genre to a whole new level. Together they gave birth to what would eventually become the most recognized face in all of horror.

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mediafrenzii4391d ago

That is an amazing article about Friday the 13th. I can remember the first time I saw each of the films in the franchise. I have to admit that I've even seen 'Jason X' about 5 times!

jarodwarren4391d ago

This one was a blast to write. Jason is by far my favorite villain of all time. A highlight was when I got to meet (and get choked out) by Kane Hodder himself. So many memories here.

josephgomez4391d ago

I was never a Jason guy. All Freddy here. The main thing with me is that the first movie still doesn't hold up. For me, these films failed from the get go. Gimme Nightmare or Halloween or TX Chainsaw Massacre.

HumanStark4391d ago

Part 4 is undeniably the best.

darklordzor4390d ago

Jason X was sooo bad! Gosh I can't believe they thought it would be a good idea. He's an interesting character though, and I didn't particularly like how the remake handled him.

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