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Where Are All the Honest Dennis Hopper Tributes?

Premiere: He just received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He's prominently credited in some of the most important movies of the last 40 years. So why hasn't there been more fanfare surrounding the death of Dennis Hopper?

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jarodwarren4436d ago

The legitimate reason: Despite his incredible talent, remarkable uncompromising vision, and natural artistic ability it cannot be denied that Dennis Hopper was an insufferable prick when it came to both his professional and personal lives.

He was difficult to work with, his drug problems consistently were a headache to his costars, his directors, and his producers. He was argumentative, often thought he knew more than everyone else, and was at times so manic and out of control he cost studios hundreds of thousands in lost dollars on sets.

Dennis Hopper was entertaining and remains one of my favorite actors to watch, namely for his energy and his character portrayals. But anyone who worked with him will agree: Much like Ty Cobb in baseball, it doesn't matter how many home runs, stolen bases, or pennants you win...if you're an a**hole, few will honor you once you are gone.

In the least, he got a remarkable funeral and a headstone to remind us that he was here and he contributed to the artistic vision of the human race. Fair trade.