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Syfy wants you to make their next movie

In a new partnership with IGN, Syfy is creating a new website that let's you decide what their next film will be. Fans and users can pitch ideas and vote on everything including dialogue, characters, titles, promotional tag lines, and even the wardrobe. At the very least what the fans create can't possibly be any worse than 'Dinoshark'.

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mediafrenzii4392d ago

Now that's a really cool idea. I wonder if they will really stick to the suggestions.

darklordzor4392d ago

That's what I wonder too. Like will all these votes on an idea really matter if they are just like, 'let's do this instead'. I hope they try and stick to what's suggested, because that's something new for the film industry.

amsdesignphoto4392d ago

I could only imagine what will come out of it for their TV ratings. Bring back the former fans. I used to love watching it when it was Sci-Fi then it went down the toilet. Some of the worst movies known to man came on there and I can't tell you the last time I even looked at the station. I do hope this idea takes off and they incorporate some decent actors. Will they be voting for the cast selection too? haha. I do hope so!

jarodwarren4392d ago

Now this will be interesting. Last I heard about anything like this was when NBC launched a web-based voter system to choose the next character for their show "Heroes". If SyFy (bleh) is taking a tip from a major network, maybe they've finally decided to get serious regarding their own movies.

We'll see how it works out. Personally I'm down for the Bermuda Triangle creature feature.

amsdesignphoto4392d ago

Bermuda Triangle creature feature haha. I like that.

polarbear4390d ago

Oh god, I really gotta try this

4384d ago