Collider Interview: Rogen, Goldberg, Director Gondry and Producer Moritz on Green Hornet


Earlier tonight Sony invited 10 online reporters to watch the new trailer for Green Hornet at Mann’s Chinese in Hollywood and then do a Q&A with Seth Rogen, Director Michel Gondry, Evan Goldberg and Producer Neal Moritz. Following the Q&A, we were escorted across the street to Jimmy Kimmel Live, as Rogen was going on tonight’s episode to premiere the trailer. Well, that was the plan.

It ends up the power went out at Jimmy Kimmel Live, so it looks like tonight’s episode will air tomorrow night, which is just par for the course on Green Hornet. Thankfully, the Q&A was really informative and surprisingly engaging, but it’s probably due to the great group of reporters Sony had assembled to ask questions.

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