Marvel planning on using short films to introduce lesser known heroes?

According to a recent rumor Marvel/Disney are considering producing 10 minute short films to play in front of their upcoming superhero films in order to introduce the lesser known cast of heroes to audiences.

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mediafrenzii4733d ago

I think that sounds pretty cool. I wonder if they'll use the shorts as training ground for lesser known directors? Maybe to introduce a few fresh faces? Hopefully they won't slip in a few Doritos bags or Pepsi cans for good measure.

jarodwarren4733d ago

This is nice. Doesn't feel like a major corporate decision to enhance sales, but more of a starting point to bring B-roster heroes and villains to the mainstream.

Wonder if Disney had anything to do with this decision. Maybe a helpful suggestion or two?

darklordzor4733d ago

It seems likely since Disney still likes to play short films (cartoons) in front of their films (which I think is still a great practice to keep up). So this seems very plausible. One can only hope!

josephgomez4733d ago

This is kinda cool. Justifies lesser known heroes' own little films for movie goers. I'm on board.

CMDobson4733d ago

That sounds like a great ideas. I'm all over it when it comes to Marvel and movies.

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